The 10 Habits Of Highly Profitable Tax Preparers

Some tax preparers glean more profit per client than others.  It’s not just a matter of location or types of clients, though these may be important to the growth and future of the firm.  Often, it is a matter of doing the right things at the right time – working with your staff and making effective decisions to set up the tax season months before the first client arrives with a shoebox full of receipts and 1099s.

As a senior sales representative for Drake Software, Byron McClure has worked with thousands of tax preparers over a period of 10 years.  Here is his list of the 10 habits that can propel an ordinary tax preparation firm into a spectacular success.  The list includes:

  • Early purchase of tax software, and why it makes sense for your firm.
  • Making use of professional organizations and business networks.
  • Revisiting the firm’s marketing plans.
  • Moving critical operations to the cloud, and why it is in your future.

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  • 10 Habits of Highly Profitable Tax Preparers


  1. Being from SC (home of the SCDOR data breach), I hope you understand my reluctance to embrace the Cloud. Putting my client’s sensitive data in the hands of who-knows-who will never happen in my lifetime. If that data was breached because I was using the Cloud, malpractice suits would ensue, and I would deserve it due to my lack of diligence.

  2. I would like for Drake to encourage their bookkeeping software. After many years of having it and not using it..I tried for the first time the other day because I like Drake’s support. It seems to be a winner…I still have lots to learn..but I am amazed that Drake has not tooted it’s own horn about it. Please do not start charging me another fee for it, but my staff and I on the one company we are trying it on…well, mickey…we like it. We hope that payroll falls in place and gives us proper acknowledgements and maybe comes up with a module to support that no penalties nor interest is owed…that we and Drake are correct on our deposits. We are going to keep using it on our company and perhaps put others on it should the great support and price (which means we will keep purchasing Drake) continues..TaxSlayer is 25 miles from us and keeps courting, but with this ensemble, why fix something that ain’t broke?

  3. With start a new company, I would like to have my taxes started off in the right direction . If your program will help me established that I would love to recommend your software.

    Thank you,
    Mendee McKeehan

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