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Drake’s Nashville Office is Open!

We are excited to announce that our Nashville office is open!


We already have a development team working out of the new location, and are in the process of recruiting for call center representatives.

 _MG_1610 The nearly 75,000 square-foot facility provides plenty of room for expanding our development and call center operations over the next few years.

Central Time Zone

One of the benefits to the new location is establishing a presence in the Central time zone. Up until now, all software facilities have been based in the Eastern time zone. “We support clients all over the country, so having a call center in the Central time zone helps us support customers on the West Coast,” said Phil Drake, CEO of Drake Software. [Read more...]

AICPA 2014 Survey of Tax Software

The American Institute of CPAs has released its annual survey of the software CPAs used to prepare 2013 tax returns.

A joint project of the Journal of Accountancy and The Tax Adviser, the survey was conducted in May–June, 2014, with data provided by more than 3,800 CPAs and spanning 13 major products. [Read more...]

Drake Update Schools…

 Ideas That Work

It’s been an active year of change for tax preparers, with a new voluntary certification program for tax preparers, the effects of the Affordable Care Act, and substantial other changes to tax laws. To keep pace with these changes, Drake Software recommends that you attend one of our annual update schools.

In addition to the recent IRS updates and changes in tax laws that affect taxpayers and your practice, we will preview the new features and enhancements made to Drake Software 2014. Prepare for the upcoming filing season, develop your knowledge of Drake Software, and share information and ideas with fellow preparers during this one-day event. [Read more...]

Meet Phil Drake

Phil Drake

Phil Drake, 
Founder, President & CEO of Drake Software, 
Shares His Thoughts About The Tax Industry, 
Technology, And Business.



    • What is the biggest challenge facing the tax professional today? 
      Compliance, compliance with the EIC rules, compliance with the Due Diligence Rules, compliance with the ACA (coming up). Those used to be the responsibility of the taxpayer, to represent the true facts to the preparer. Now, more and more, the preparer is held responsible for determining the truth of the facts.

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    Tax Practice Success and “The Five Ps”

    Tax Practice Success

    Tax Practice Success

    The Challenge: Sustaining growth and profitability in the mature markets for tax preparation services.

    The Solution: The right marketing mix of product, pricing, place, promotion and platform.

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    Larry Kessler: It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep

    Larry Kessler: It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep


    Larry Kessler Financial Services is an example of how to create an accounting firm built on friendships, trust, and fair dealings. 

    “I don’t advertise,” he says. “I focus on giving each client a better job than they have ever seen, combined with the best service I can give.  I now handle second and third-generation clients, the children and grandchildren of clients I have had from my early days.” 

    His tax partner of choice is Drake Software. 
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    Securing your Client Data

    Securing your Client Data 

    Of all of the subjects that got the attention of the industry – the Affordable Care Act, identity theft, and licensing of tax preparers among them – one did not get much attention, but should have. 

    It’s the requirement to properly secure all of the communications between you and the client. 
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    Tax Year 2013 Desk Reference Guide

    How you prepare can have a lot to do with how smoothly your season goes.

    A well-organized office that has prepared for the upcoming months can make the sailing much smoother during a fast-paced time. Here are some other important steps you can take to ensure your office is prepared.

    Download the most recent Desk Reference Guide Now.

    Simply fill out the form below making sure your email address is correct.
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    Long Odds

    The Long Odds on Tax Reform

    Tax Reform is once more on the agenda for Congress.  But Robert Samuelson, columnist for the Washington Post, says that any real reform is unlikely:

    “In 2010, calculating their taxes cost Americans $168 billion, estimates the Taxpayer Advocate Service of the Internal Revenue Service. That’s about 15 percent of taxes collected — a heavy overhead. Almost 60 percent of taxpayers pay accountants or other tax preparers. Public esteem for the tax system is low; in a 2011 Pew poll, 55 percent judged it unfair. Disaffection was fairly even politically: 47 percent among Republicans, 58 percent among Democrats and 56 percent among independents. [Read more...]

    SecureFilePro: Send and Receive Documents Anytime, Anywhere


    Drake Software

    In a world gone mobile, tax and accounting professionals need more than just a means of communicating with clients. They need a secure communications solution so that critical client data is protected. They need a branded solution that will help build recognition for their firm. They need a solution that is accessible at all hours of the day from anywhere in the world.
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