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Tax Deadline Extended
It will come as no surprise to tax professionals that there were problems submitting returns to the IRS on Tax Day. Early yesterday morning, IRS systems experienced an issue that prevented the agency from accepting e-filed returns or tax payments—Direct Pay was also down for most of Tuesday.
For IRS, the Real Work Starts After Tax Season
With the TY2017 tax season coming down to the final hours, the acting IRS commissioner feels pretty good about his agency’s performance thus far. But the big crunch, he says, comes after tax deadline has come and gone.
Watch for Last Minute Tax Scams
The April 17 deadline for filing will bring this tax season to a close before we know it. So it makes sense that the bad guys are planning to make hay while the sun shines. Identity thieves and scammers are unleashing a new campaign to beat the deadline.
Time Running Short to File 2014 Returns for Refund
The Internal Revenue Service is reminding taxpayers that time is short to file their 2014 income tax return for a refund. Some $1 billion in refunds is yet unclaimed from TY2014. In order to claim a refund due, taxpayers must file their 2014 federal return by April 17.