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Callers to IRS Must Verify ID
If you have to call the IRS help line on behalf of a client, you’ll need more than the client’s name and SSN. By law, IRS operators will speak only with the taxpayer or their legally designated representative. This is all part of the industry-wide push for higher levels of security.
Did You Get a Refund You Didn’t Expect?
Everybody loves an income tax refund. But when a check for a tax refund shows up in your mailbox unexpectedly, it could be a signal of something very wrong: a tax scam.
Budget Bill Passed, Renews Tax Extenders
After a brief shutdown overnight, the House voted to reopen the government by passing a $400 billion budget that increases spending caps, raises the debt ceiling, and provides disaster relief for Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. President Trump signed it into law this morning.
Is Bitcoin a Viable Currency
Cryptocurrencies have made some early adopters a lot of money, which—for conscientious taxpayers and tax professionals alike—begs the question: how does IRS handle Bitcoin and other virtual currency?