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IRS Advisory Council Renews Call for Adequate Funding
The Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC) has issued its annual report to the agency, and once again is calling on Congress to adequately fund the IRS so it can fulfill its mission to the American people.
The Drake Education team is on the road until January, but they also developed a new video-streaming option and unveiled the website. Drake Software Director of Education Christine Reynolds joins us to outline what you can expect when attending Drake Classroom Training or Update Schools and explain the new online offerings.
What's New in Drake Tax? Drake Software's Vice President of Application Development Brian Stork and Vice President of Education James Stork discuss new software features in Drake Tax. In particular, they dive into a new mobile-friendly application that capitalizes on convenience and efficiency.
Taxes and the Sharing Economy
No doubt about it, the sharing economy is big business. Thousands of Americans participate, from offering homes to travelers to running errands for subscribers or giving rides around town. But taking part in the sharing economy—also called the “gig” economy—can also affect a person’s tax picture. The Internal Revenue Service reminds that there are six areas taxpayers should keep in...