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Fake Tax Form Scam Making the Rounds
Tax professionals are being warned to be on the lookout for a scam using a fake insurance tax form in an effort to steal annuity and life insurance accounts.
Phishing Scam Targets e-Services Users
The Internal Revenue Service is warning tax professionals that scammers are trying to trick them into “signing” a new e-Services user agreement.
Extension Filers May Need 2015 AGI on October 16
To help hurricane victims in Flordia, Texas, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, the Internal Revenue Service this week issued twelve tips for reconstructing records that may have been lost in a natural disaster.
Tax Relief Measures Extended to Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands Taxpayers
As the extent of hurricane damage to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands unfolds, the Internal Revenue Service is extending additional tax relief to both sets of weather-torn islands.