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Audit Finds IRS Identity Theft Measures Come Up Short
An audit has discovered that the frequency of employment-related identity theft may be far worse than thought. Unfortunately, the audit also found the Internal Revenue Service has missed identifying hundreds of thousands of these cases. Employment-related identity theft (also called employment identity theft) occurs when a thief uses another person’s stolen identity to gain employment. It usually shows up when...
PTIN Renewal Underway Once Again
A recent federal court ruling that struck down the Internal Revenue Service’s user fee for issuing or renewing Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTINs) took away the fee, but left the PTIN itself in service. The renewal of PTINs – without charge – is now underway once again. The June 1 ruling from the U.S. District Court for the District of...
New Phone Scam Aimed at Taxpayers
Scammers have dusted off an old racket and added a couple of new twists in hopes of swindling taxpayers out of their money. The Internal Revenue Service says this scheme has been reported across the country, and asks taxpayers to be alert.
Missouri Taxpayers Still Waiting on State Tax Refunds
The most popular phrase heard around Missouri these days may well be, “Show me the money.” Thousands of the state’s taxpayers say they’re still waiting for the state Department of Revenue to release their income tax refunds.