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IRS Has Extra Staff This Week for eServices Accounts
Tax professions who need to reinstate their e-Services accounts have a little unexpected help available this week. The Internal Revenue Service added extra staff Tuesday with the mission of assist tax pros.
Late Season Email Scams Unleashed
Tax professionals and taxpayers alike are being warned that new email scams could derail plans for a refund this tax season. As the filing season heads toward its April 18 deadline, identity thieves are sending out emails claiming to make last-minute deposit changes for refunds or account updates. On example aimed at tax pros claims to be from one of...
IRS Still Working to Cope with Identity Theft, Service Issues
While the tax season thus far has been described as relatively problem-free, the Internal Revenue Service concedes the agency is still trying to come to grips with identity theft and quality-of-service issues.
Crossing the Digital Divide with Your Tax Practice
For years, industry experts have been calling for tax professionals to use various hardware and software technologies – CRM tools, document management systems, workflow and productivity software, and paperless technologies – to stay competitive and profitable.