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Ben Tallman, EA, Always Busy At Work And Home

In 1973, an Orders Clerk with the 130th Station Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany, broke the cardinal rule of serving in the Army – he volunteered.  This landed him in a two-week army course to...

Mother Knows Best…

One morning over breakfast, a young Raymond Berardinelli’s mother asked him what his plan was after high school. He would be graduating soon and needed a little direction. His mother had always encouraged him to go to college, but Raymond was thinking more along the lines of going to trade school. His plan was to become a ...
Tax Prep is a Family Tradition

Gary Boykin, EA: Tax Prep is a Family Tradition

While growing up in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Gary Boykin was first introduced to tax preparation at the age of four: “I remember running around the dining room where my dad was working on a...

Loyalty Matters

Loyalty Matters: Edward Gonzalez Edward Gonzalez is a successful business owner, a dedicated professional, and a devoted husband and father. He is honest, outgoing, friendly, and has strong moral principles, but perhaps what sets Edward...

Two Styles; One Successful Practice

Facing Challenges - Creating Solutions The Challenge: Melding two management styles and different levels of experience into a single, client-focused tax practice. The Solution: Recognizing that clients have differing needs, firms need a careful blend of...

For the Love of…Taxes

For the Love of…Taxes On one of many cold winter Chicago days, Kevin Cotton decided to seek sunshine and moved to Carson, California.  He had grown up in Chicago but wanted to make a new...

Challenge Accepted

No matter what the dilemma, business owners sometimes feel they’re against a wall. The key is to make the best of what you have. Like the saying goes - when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Lee Fulcher, CPA…Lessons from Athletics to Accounting

How does Fulcher define good service? “Being proactive with advice, sticking to deadlines, being accessible with tax expertise, exceeding expectations, and remaining fully committed to helping my customers succeed.”

Larry Kessler: It’s Not What You Make…

It’s What You Keep   Larry Kessler Financial Services is an example of how to create an accounting firm built on friendships, trust, and fair dealings.  “I don’t advertise,” he says. “I focus on giving each client...

Farming, Music, National Guard, and Taxes

“We took our first income tax information to a local practitioner in the spring of 1974,” Warner recalled. “However, the main client base of this tax preparer consisted of farmers. After I looked over the completed 1065 partnership return, I felt a desire for a better understanding of the tax laws.” That is when Warner made a decision based on good old common sense. . .


New Scam Targets Tax Professionals

Security Summit Warns of New Email Scam
The Internal Revenue Service today announced a new email scam from cybercriminals that targets tax professionals. Using a two-stage process, this latest phishing scheme attempts to collect private data from tax preparers.

IRS Announces the First Day of Tax Season, Issues Refund Delay Reminder

IRS Announces the First Day of Tax Season, Issues Refund Delay Reminder
Tax professionals across the country are gearing up for tax season, which the Internal Revenue Service today announced will officially begin on January 23, 2017. The press release included yet another reminder about PATH Act-delayed refunds: taxpayers claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) will not have their refund issued until February 15, 2017.

New Features in Drake Software

Improve Your Efficiency in 2016 For the tax industry, the months leading into January build tension in increments, like a banjo string tightening from every turn of the tuning peg. The days are filled with preparatory tasks for tax professionals and software developers alike, a...

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