Christine and Amanda Discuss AFSP – EP11

It's June, and that means tax professionals across the country are gearing up for the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP). That's why we decided to sit down and discuss the AFSP with those who...

Jim Lowe & Jerry Gaddis Recap Tax Season – EP10

We're a few weeks removed from tax season, so we wanted to hear what tax professionals thought about the latest iteration of the January-to-April annual grind. Joining us on the podcast are two EAs: the owner of AVL Tax Professionals in Asheville, NC, Jim Lowe, and the owner of Tropical Tax Solutions in the Florida Keys, Jerry Gaddis.

Jami Gibson on Social Media Security – EP9

We've all been there: one of your Facebook friends sends a bizarre message containing a suspicious link, and the next day, you get a phone call about their account being hacked. Maybe you've even been the victim of an account takeover and want to know how to avoid another incident.
Jami Gibson Talks Passwords - EP8video

Jami Gibson Talks Passwords – EP8

Drake Software Vice President of Internal Operations Jami Gibson joined us once again to discuss security issues, and this time she covered password dos and don'ts.

Jami Gibson Discusses New Tax Scam – EP7

Since its formation in 2015, the Security Summit's efforts to thwart cybercriminals have successfully driven down the number of tax-related identity theft incidents. Unfortunately, that success has forced identity thieves to adapt their methods, resulting in a new tax scam that might seem unorthodox at first.

James Stork & Amanda Watson Share Drake Enhancements – EP6

Want to know what's new for Drake Tax this filing season? We recently had Drake Software Vice President of Education James Stork and Drake Education Tax Team Lead Amanda Watson in the studio to talk about some of this year’s Drake enhancements.
John Sapp and Cindy Hockenberry Talk Tax Reformvideo

John Sapp & Cindy Hockenberry Talk Tax Reform – EP5

The tax reform bill passed before the end of 2017, meaning that clients may have questions about how it impacts their tax liability in the years to come.
Marketing Your Tax Practicevideo

D’Anne Maddox & Becky Reed on Marketing Your Tax Practice – EP4

One of the most difficult things about having any kind of business is simply being found by potential customers. Whether you're just starting out or have been in the tax business for a while, this is one of those topics that can be both frustrating and intimidating.

Christine Reynolds Hits The Road With Drake Education – EP3

The Drake Education team is on the road until January, but they also developed a new video-streaming option and unveiled the DrakeCPE.com website. Drake Software Director of Education Christine Reynolds joins us to outline what you can expect when attending Drake Classroom Training or Update Schools and explain the new online offerings.

James & Brian Stork Preview New Software Features – EP2

What's New in Drake Tax? Drake Software's Vice President of Application Development Brian Stork and Vice President of Education James Stork discuss new software features in Drake Tax. In particular, they dive into a new...


Tax Year 2017 Desk Reference Guide

Tax Year 2017 Desk Reference Guide
When you’re in the midst of a busy tax season, it helps to have important information consolidated, organized, and easily within reach.

2017 “How Do Your Tax Prep Fees Stack Up?” Results

2017 How Do Your Tax Prep Fees Stack Up?
Drake Software surveyed more than 2,800 tax professionals in October, looking at tax prep fees by professional certification, like CPAs, EAs, and attorneys; the estimated number of returns for the upcoming filing season; and more.  

Budget Bill Passed, Renews Tax Extenders

Budget Bill Passed, Renews Tax Extenders
After a brief shutdown overnight, the House voted to reopen the government by passing a $400 billion budget that increases spending caps, raises the debt ceiling, and provides disaster relief for Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. President Trump signed it into law this morning.
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