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Performance Ratings First

IRS employees are choosing good performance ratings over identifying potentially fraudulent tax identification number applications...

Long Odds

Tax Reform is once more on the agenda for Congress. But Robert Samuelson, columnist for the Washington Post, says that any real reform is unlikely...

ACA Basics – Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions for Small Employers

IRS Guidance: Coverage, Reporting, and Payments & Credits  Some of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, or health care law, apply only to small employers, generally those with fewer than 50 full-time employees or...

Most Retirees Need to Take Required Retirement Plan Distributions by Dec. 31

IRS YouTube Videos: Required Withdrawals from Your IRA: English | Spanish | ASL Podcasts: Required Withdrawals from Your IRA: English | Spanish IR-2014-112, Dec. 8, 2014 WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today reminded taxpayers born before July 1,...

Press Release: Best Ways to Get IRS Tax Help ‘en Español’

Tax rules can be difficult to understand, especially if they’re not in your first language. The IRS offers many free products that are easy to use for people who speak Spanish. Here are the...

Press Release: Tax-Free Transfers to Charity Renewed For IRA Owners 70½ or Older; Rollovers...

WASHINGTON — Certain owners of individual retirement arrangements (IRAs) have a limited time to make tax-free transfers to eligible charities and have them count for tax-year 2014, the Internal Revenue Service said today.  IRA owners...
ID Thieves Target Preparers

ID Thieves Again Target Preparers, Filing Fraudulent Returns

Tax professionals aren’t surprised when a new identity theft scheme makes the rounds, but fraudsters recently haven’t settled for just targeting taxpayers. When the Internal Revenue Service announced a new scheme targeting preparers, it...

App Options For Tax Preparers

Survey Results The problem with finding the right mobile apps for accountants and tax preparers is not the number of platforms for which an app must be written and marketed (IOS, Android, Microsoft, Blackberry, and...

IRS Security Summit Results

Today, the IRS announced that it will increase the amount of information shared between the tax preparation industry and the government to safeguard taxypayers from identity theft and tax refund fraud. The IRS, states,...

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed over IRS PTIN Fees

700,000 Tax Preparers Expected to Join  An estimated 700,000 tax preparers are expected to join in a new class-action lawsuit filed by Allen Buckley of Allen Buckley Law in Atlanta, GA, and Stuart Bassin...


New Scam Targets Tax Professionals

Security Summit Warns of New Email Scam
The Internal Revenue Service today announced a new email scam from cybercriminals that targets tax professionals. Using a two-stage process, this latest phishing scheme attempts to collect private data from tax preparers.

IRS Announces the First Day of Tax Season, Issues Refund Delay Reminder

IRS Announces the First Day of Tax Season, Issues Refund Delay Reminder
Tax professionals across the country are gearing up for tax season, which the Internal Revenue Service today announced will officially begin on January 23, 2017. The press release included yet another reminder about PATH Act-delayed refunds: taxpayers claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) will not have their refund issued until February 15, 2017.

New Features in Drake Software

Improve Your Efficiency in 2016 For the tax industry, the months leading into January build tension in increments, like a banjo string tightening from every turn of the tuning peg. The days are filled with preparatory tasks for tax professionals and software developers alike, a...

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