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Free Download archives for Taxing Subjects. Whitepapers and documents provided by Drake Software offering advice and tips for tax preparation. This category contains whitepapers and documents for tax preparation and tips on the latest IRS changes and updates. These papers are offered in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat is required to read these documents.

Make Data Security an Everyday Priority

Make Data Security an Everyday Priority

When it comes to protecting the vital data of your business and your clients, it all comes down to people. Cybersecurity experts refer to what they call the 90/10 Rule: Ten percent of cybersecurity relies on technology; the remaining 90 percent is up to users.
2016 Filing Season Statistics Infographic Article

2016 IRS Tax Season Statistics

Drake Software reviewed the 2016 IRS tax season statistics and produced an infographic covering data that is pertinent to tax professionals.
Tax-Related Identity Theft Survey of Tax Professionals and Taxpayers

Tax-Related Identity Theft Survey Results

Drake Software surveyed 1,200 tax professionals and 1,200 taxpayers to learn how concerned each group was about tax-related identity theft, which filing methods they believed were the safest, and more.
ACA Quick Reference Guide Image

Tax Year 2016 ACA Quick Reference Guide

Sometimes you have to get to important information quickly. Find ACA-related tax information fast in this quick reference guide by Drake Software!
ACA Business Mandate Image

Tax Year 2016 ACA Business Mandate

ACA Employer Mandate Guide Now Available This guide is designed to help tax professionals understand the healthcare law's impact on businesses. Learn to calculate Applicable Large Employer Status, how to handle seasonal workers, and more. Simply follow...
ACA Reference Guide Image

Tax Year 2016 ACA Reference Guide

Drake Software has compiled important ACA-related information to help tax preparers during filing season. Inside this guide you will find updated exemptions, ISRP calculations, scenarios and more to help you file tax year 2016 returns.
Tax Year 2016 Desk Reference Guide Background

Tax Year 2016 Desk Reference Guide

Keeping pertinent information handy is essential to maintaining an efficient, well-organized workspace. Make sure to get your copy of the Tax Year 2016 Desk Reference Guide from Drake Software, so you can confidently face the frenetic pace of tax season.
Individual Tax Return Statistics

Free Download: Individual Income Tax Return Statistics at a Glance

After reviewing the 2014 tax data that was recently released by the IRS, Drake Software broke down the information according to income-, deduction-, and credit-related statistics. Simply follow the link below to download the "How...

Free Download: Tax Preparer Regulation Survey – Responses by Credential

Drake Software surveyed more than 8,500 tax professionals in April to determine what they thought about regulation of the tax industry. This infographic breaks down those responses according to respondents’ credentials. Adobe Acrobat is recommended...

Free Download: How Do Your Tax Prep Fees Stack Up?

Drake Software recently surveyed more than 7,000 tax professionals, examining the average charge preparing different forms, estimating the number of returns to be prepared this tax season, and more. Simply follow the link below to download...


PTIN Renewal Underway Once Again

PTIN Renewal Underway Once Again
A recent federal court ruling that struck down the Internal Revenue Service’s user fee for issuing or renewing Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTINs) took away the fee, but left the PTIN itself in service. The renewal of PTINs – without charge – is now...

New Scam Targets Tax Professionals

Security Summit Warns of New Email Scam
The Internal Revenue Service today announced a new email scam from cybercriminals that targets tax professionals. Using a two-stage process, this latest phishing scheme attempts to collect private data from tax preparers.

IRS Announces the First Day of Tax Season, Issues Refund Delay Reminder

IRS Announces the First Day of Tax Season, Issues Refund Delay Reminder
Tax professionals across the country are gearing up for tax season, which the Internal Revenue Service today announced will officially begin on January 23, 2017. The press release included yet another reminder about PATH Act-delayed refunds: taxpayers claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) will not have their refund issued until February 15, 2017.
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