The 10 Habits Of Highly Profitable Tax Preparers

Some tax preparers glean more profit per client than others.  It’s not just a matter of location or types of clients, though these may be important to the growth and future of the firm.  Often, it is a matter of doing the right things at the right time – working with your staff and making effective decisions to set up the tax season months before the first client arrives with a shoebox full of receipts and 1099s.

As a senior sales representative for Drake Software, Byron McClure has worked with thousands of tax preparers over a period of 10 years.  Here is his list of the 10 habits that can propel an ordinary tax preparation firm into a spectacular success.  The list includes:

  • Early purchase of tax software, and why it makes sense for your firm.
  • Making use of professional organizations and business networks.
  • Revisiting the firm’s marketing plans.
  • Moving critical operations to the cloud, and why it is in your future.

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