PTIN Renewal Underway Once Again

A recent federal court ruling that struck down the Internal Revenue Service’s user fee for issuing or renewing Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTINs) took away the fee, but left the PTIN itself in service. The renewal of PTINs – without charge – is now underway once again.

The June 1 ruling from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia upheld the IRS’ use of PTINs. “Anyone who prepares, or assists in preparing, all or substantially all of a federal tax return for compensation is required to have a PTIN. All Enrolled Agents must also have a valid PTIN,” the IRS says in a statement.

Whether tax pros will get a refund for fees paid previously is still unknown. The IRS and the Justice Department are in talks now to determine whether refunds can be part of the IRS response. What is known is that a PTIN is still required to file a tax return, to be an Enrolled Agent, or schedule an appointment for the Special Enrollment Examination. Those requirements have not changed.

Now that PTINs are being renewed and issued online, the IRS says tax professionals will still be able to view their continuing education records online through the PTIN system. The PTIN Helpline has also been reopened.

If there are questions about potential PTIN fee refunds, do not contact the IRS. Questions regarding claims or refunds should be directed to the PTIN Fees Class Action Administrator at